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Day 1- The Journey

July 30, 2011

Our 13 hour journey had not-so-humble beginnings at Newark Airport.

After a 6:00 am wake up and several trains and buses, we finally arrived at Newark Airport. Just a hop, skip and a jump to Gate C 122 and our Boeing 777 flight ^-^



Love these moving sidewalks, but feels really weird when you step off–must be what Marty McFly feels like when the Delorean finishes it’s journey…



Had an ‘America’ store in the Terminal…don’t think I’ve ever seen a store like this in any airports across America…



After a crappy eggs-and-croissant sandwich (no need to post a picture here) we finally board the plane! This is first class for…lucky bastiches. Reclining chairs, large TV screens and I’m sure free booze. @-@ This is what we get stuck with…



13 Hours with a 6ft, long-legged Gaijin in the middle. Blargh. Brought a buncha’ books and my Nintendo 3DS (why doesn’t anybody else have one?!) but it turns out that flights these days have 195 free movies to watch @-@ Back in MY day we had no fancy touch-screen TV’s for someone to pound on the back of your chair while their baby cries and throws crackers in your hair…



About 12 hours and after watching ‘Confucious, The Lincoln Lawyer, Paul, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Rango we’re almost to Narita! Yay! ^-^



Welcome to Japan!

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