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Day 1/2- Train Maintenance

August 8, 2011

Something you will NEVER see in NYC…

Whilst waiting for the train we noticed a strange sign at the Hatagaya Subway stop…


Beware of machine gun fire? Beware of Rabbit pellets? No, Beware of falling WATER!


Apparently there was a crack in the ceiling that was leaking water–until a major fix could be made, they’ve McGuyver’ed it to catch the falling water!


It’s a little dark but there’s a cone where the leaky water collects, entering the tube artfully taped to the ceiling. The tube is attached to a pillar, pumping the water…


…down onto the floor so that no water hits anybody’s heads while they wait for the train to come! Imagine a NYC subway station where every leak would be temporarily fixed like this…stocks for plastic tubing would go through the roof…

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