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Tokyo Denizen Art- Shiloh’s Sketches

August 18, 2011

While Shiloh had hopes of sitting down every once in awhile to sketch passer-byers, we were always on the move! (The lack of visible benches was a factor as well.)

A couple seen on an elevator at Shinjuku Station


Girl at the entrance to Yoyogi Park


Girl outside Harajuku Station


Punk girl working at a clothing shop in Harajuku. Largest size male shoes they had were size 7 :(


Male on the Keio New Line train…had granny beads attached to glasses… @-@


Another Harajuku girl


Girl at Nakano Broadway shopping center


Girl outside Mandarake store in Nakano Broadway shopping center


Granny with mask at Shinjuku Station


Crazy hat lady on train heading to Narita Airport


Girl at store in Harajuku


Girl looking at manga in Mandarake store at Shibuya

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  1. Tracy permalink
    August 18, 2011 11:01 pm

    You are so talented and capture people and who they are so fast. Love, Aunt Tracy

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