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Day 2- Akihabara- Mr. Donut

March 9, 2012

That’s right, a dedicated post to the Mister Donut experience.

Behold, the wondrous bounty of confectionery bliss that is the donut. 

A cherry donut. Dee-licious, if a tad on the sweet side.

A plain donut sliced in half with a frosty spread of creamy goodness in the center, then dunked into a vat of melt-in-your-mouth (or fingertips) chocolate. The best of the bunch.

The not-so-unfortunate demise of the green-tea panda…bear…lion…thingy. Looked better than it tasted.

Mr. Donut is actually an American company. It was formed as a fast food franchise in 1956 by Harry Winokur whom worked with William Rosenberg of Dunkin’ Donut’s fame. After a falling out the two would be competitor’s until the 90’s when Mister Donut was acquired by Allied-Lyons, whom also have holdings with Dunkin’ Donuts. Almost all of the American branches were transformed to Dunkin’ D’s but the Asian markets have remained with the moustachio’d moniker. ^-^

Didn’t realize it was en vogue for donuts to sun bath…does it add to the taste? Have YOU ever had a sun-burnt donut?

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