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Day 2- Akihabara- Video Games

March 9, 2012

Awww yeah. It’s a videogame post.

Well, some video game stuff and an anime or two. UNFORTUNATELY most anime/video game shops don’t allow photography but I managed to grab a shot or two.

Inside the elevator of ‘Super Potato.’ I kid you not. It’s a video game store called ‘Super Potato.’ Still trying to figure out the correlation there. A word to the wise when traveling in Japan–the elevator’s are a tight squeeze. Not for the claustrophobic. Note the faux wood paneling–most elevators in these kind of shops have pretty awesome retro-elevators. Can you name the character at the top of this pic?

Oh, another note. A lot of buildings house multiple shops—we’re talking up to 9 floors of goodies. Best to take it to the top and walk down…made the mistake of walking up one building…baaaaad idea, but a good workout I’m sure…

Most elevators have many, many, MANY ads. You know that whole ‘simplicity, wabi-sabi zen stuff?’ Yeah, does NOT apply in Akihabara nor it’s elevators. Makes for a lot of eye candy though ^-^

Well of course Mario has to spend all those coins SOMEWHERE…sheesh.

Snake? Snaaaaaaaake!

If there was EVER a poster I wanted to steal it was this one. Screw Lara Croft, Terra is my video game goddess.

That’s right, a 2-for-one deal. A giant Gameboy and a giant Dragon Quest Slime.

Shop sign—I think this is a video game chain, like Gamestop.

Irasshaimase! You will hear this word EVERYWHERE in Japan. I thought I was doing something wrong by saying kon’nichiwa and not getting the same reply too often. Turns out that ‘Irasshaimase’ is a sort of greeting equating to ‘come into our store.’ Which they will say even if you’re in the store. In olden days it was used in open air markets where you would entice people to visit your stall.

Wonder if ‘Idolmaster’ would get as much PR in the States…

Hmmm…an Eroge game perhaps? Advertised on the streets? All the video games that I saw seemed to either be giant mech games, dating sims or Eroge…if you want to know what Eroge is, go ahead and google it…mwhahahaha…

About $52 bucks for Starfox 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. I did get to play the demo and it was super sweet though ^-^

About $66 bucks for a PSP game. Noticed that about 70% of all games on display were for the PSP. Handheld video gaming is suddenly more popular then console gaming in Japan. Many think that Japanese video game developers are lacking in innovation and are still stuck in a sort of ‘PS2/XBOX’ era of game making/graphics. I think it’s just because the Japanese aren’t obsessed with FPS like American’s are. Then again, judging by the majority of Japanese games being dating SIM’s or…ummm…less ‘wholesome’ fares…who’s to say is the better…BTW, thought this cover looked cool.

I’ll let the image speak for itself.

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