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Day 2- Akihabara- Otaku Heaven

April 12, 2012

A little bit o’ this, a little bit o’ that around the Otaku-heaven that is Akihabara!

Oh-la-la, who’s the sexy Maid…



…Shiloh’s the sexy Maid ^-^



Me about to kick the shit outa’ EVA-01. Who’s money are you betting on? P.S.—this is the 3rd Eva related pic for those counting. So what’s an Otaku you might ask after reading this posting’s headline? It’s meaning has evolved over the years but originally it was the Japanese equivalent of ‘geek.’ Originating as a humerus term to for males that watched anime and read sci-fi, it has since come to embody anyone that has a hobby—people who play video games are Video Game Otaku, comic book readers Comic Otaku, etc.



Unfortunately, the term ‘otaku’ has a dark past. There have been several instances of violent otaku’s that end up committing horrible acts of violence…most recently in 2008 when a douchebag drove a truck into Akihabara (back when it was a pedestrian park) and started to stab 12 people, killing 4. Thankfully there haven’t been any violent outbreaks since and the term no longer carries its negative connotations. There were 1,097 murders in Japan last YEAR. Not in a day. Not in a month. In a friggin’ YEAR. Insane in the membrane says I.



Otaku KFC? Hmmmm…me does like the gravy and potatoes…



Here’s my Otaku-figure side coming out ;) This is a store that sells pre-opened Gachapon toys so you don’t have to take a chance on the roulette wheel. (All these stores forbid photography, so this was a quick on the sly shot) There are BILLIONS of these toys in HUNDREDS (well, maybe not that many) stores all over Tokyo. Was slack-jawed and overwhelmed. Then after the 20th shop it started to become ho-hum. Now that it’s been almost a year since we visited I’m craving my figure fix…



Not so into the Ecchi Otaku stuff…too creepy…



…but I do love chibi art! Chibi is the term for ‘short person’–it translates to little, but is synonymous with ‘cute’ as well. The banner you see at the top? Those are Chibi William and Chibi Shiloh’s! Characteristics of chibi art include the use of cute little animals and super-deformed characters.



Tomato Otaku? Very disturbing and not quite sure what’s being sold here…



I know that when I karate-kick my shirt magically comes undone…anybody else encounter this problem? @-@



Heading back after a VERY long day. There’s ALOT to see in Akihabara and if you’re able to go, I definitely suggest that you go down some of the side streets and do a little exploring.



The Eva Gang.



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